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Microsoft's Windows Reboot Could Be Legendary
"I was one of the launch analysts for Windows 95, and the launch of that product is widely held -- including by Bill Gates -- as the company's pinnacle. No launch before..."click here

Virtual Traffic Lights Could Revolutionize City Driving
"Adopting a virtual traffic light system "is an 'everyone is in' proposition," said futurist Glen Hiemstra, "but if we could achieve that, yes, we would see..."click here

Experts Forecast the End of Privacy as We Know It
"Whether privacy will be dead, ailing or invigorated by a strong new privacy-rights infrastructure is a matter of debate, but there is..."click here

Cybersecurity Threats 2015: More Espionage, More Apple Malware
"Cybercriminals will train their gaze on Apple more often next year. Attacks on OS X have begun to rise, and an acceleration of those attacks is likely..."click here

Dell: Using Technology to Change the World
"We are heading toward the end of poverty. We are living during in the most peaceful time in history, which is obfuscated by the news, which focuses on..."click here

Your Abandoned Smartphone May Betray You
"That phone you so callously turned over to another may be harboring some of your secrets -- and it may be all too willing to spill its guts..."click here

Tech Has Big Role to Play in Climate Change Battle
"There are many challenges in the way of successfully implementing solutions, but they're not all political. Technology has a large part to play in reducing emissions. For example..."click here