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Internet Leeches Drawn to Heartbleed
"As the good guys bring all their tools and skills to the effort to clamp down the Internet's Heartbleed, the bad guys are coming out of the woodwork with..."click here

FireChat Messaging App: Look Ma, No Internet!
"Even if you're stranded in a communications desert with no Internet access, FireChat lets you text with people nearby -- and conceivably with people far away..."click here

LG Sheds Light on Internet of Things
"Smart lamps are still in the novelty phase, but there are serious potential uses for the technology -- and once devs get to work, as yet unimagined applications..." click here

Microsoft's Next Windows May Be Dressed to the 9
"It's not you, Windows 8 -- it's your form factor. Once consumers get used to the idea of an operating system that's designed to work with smart devices as well as with..."click here

PowerLocker Takes Ransomware to a New Level
"Net bandits have been flocking to ransomware because it is proving an easy way to make a quick buck. You infect someone's computer, encrypt all their files, and demand..."click here

The CES 2014 Hotties List
"Health and fitness wearables played a starring role at CES, including smart T-shirts, sport bras and socks that monitor the wearer's heart rate and other information and..."click here

BYOD Security Is All About Juggling Risks
"When implementing a risk management program, it's important workers understand what an organization is doing to their personal devices. "Some people..." click here